Christopher Rachal

Descendant of Marie Thérèse Coincoin (pronounced KoKwē)

Creator of Collective Reparations

Community & Funding Partnerships Manager at Ecotrust

Reparative Strategist at Black Food Fund

Christopher Krow

Kali devotee

Website weaver

Multi-dimensional artist

Wounded healer


Christopher Rachal, also known as Christopher Krow, was born in Los Angeles, CA, on the ancestral lands of the Shoshone Tribe. He currently resides in Seattle, WA on stolen Duwamish, Suquamish, Stillaguamish, and Muckleshoot land. Affectionately known as Bubba by his family, Christopher’s roots extend to Louisiana and Alabama. He is a direct descendant of Marie Thérèse Coincoin (pronounced KoKwē), a visionary who paved the way for the Gens de Couleur Libres, a community of free people of color, along the banks of Cane River, Louisiana, during the late 1700s.


Embracing his identity as a descendant of the Cane River Creole community, Christopher honors the rich tapestry woven by his ancestors, encompassing the Eʋe, Kadohadacho, Natchitoches, Chitimacha, Lipan Apache, and French people. His dedication takes shape through a multifaceted approach encompassing reparative strategies, partnership cultivation, contemplative practices, traditional healing methodologies, and the profound language of creative expression. Guided by these principles, he harnesses the power of technology, financial resources, and non-financial assets to cultivate spaces dedicated to healing and repair.


Christopher’s life journey is a testament to intersectionality, as he navigates the world as a multi-racial and queer-identified individual. Academic accomplishments further enrich his narrative, including an associate’s degree in recording arts from Full Sail University, a bachelor’s degree in Buddhist Psychology complemented by a minor in yoga and a concentration in contemplative neuroscience from Naropa University. His academic pursuits culminated in an MBA in Sustainable Solutions earned from the prestigious Presidio Graduate School, affirming his commitment to effecting positive change in a rapidly evolving world.